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Functional Fitness

Functional Fitness - TRAINING FOR REAL LIFE 

A general Strength and Conditioning programme that will enable members to improve in all aspects of fitness. Classes are structured and coach-led throughout to provide members with the opportunity of personal development within a team oriented environment. Functional Fitness provides individuals with variety from session to session while educating on how to optimise, achieve and live a healthy lifestyle.

Functional Fitness workouts are designed to be short, sweet and scalable to any fitness level. We recognise that not everyone is an elite athlete. The needs of Olympians and the needs of our grandmothers differ by degree, not kind. Everyone is welcome in our Classes. All a person needs is a little coaching, determination, dedication and heart. With these ingredients, Functional Fitness Classes can help anyone reach their fitness goals!
Accelerate HIIT

Accelerate HIIT - The Peoples Favourite

Accelerate HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is a highly energised and friendly conditioning class that involves you working out as an individual or in a group environment. Classes include low skilled, functional exercises that are all scalable to match the needs of the individuals. This class will see you light up your metabolism allowing for an effective fat burning session while also improving your aerobic power and lactate threshold. These sessions are ideal for anyone looking to shed a few pounds, work on general fitness or improve sports performance.

Sessions will include the newest equipment in the fitness industry such as Ski Ergs, Assault Bikes and Concept 2 Rows whilst also using some of the old classics like Battling Ropes, Prowlers, Kettlebells, Ball Slams and Bodyweight Exercises.


Barbell and weightlifting
Barbell and Weightlifting will help members improve their Olympic Lifting and general weightlifting focusing on the Clean, Snatch and Jerk. Weightlifting is available for all abilities and ages and is designed to help you take your weightlifting to the next level. The focus in our weightlifting classes to improve your positioning, technique, balance and overall strength.

Ladies only fitness

Our Ladies Only StrongHer class will increase all aspects of your fitness and give you the opportunity to train with other female athletes without the intimidation factor. Ladies Only will provide you with the opportunity to work alongside a instructor who can improve your movement patterns and motivate you to reach your personal fitness goals - in a safe and supportive environment.
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